Single person.£17 for 1x30min session
£61 for block of 4x30min
£174 for a block of 12x30min

Single person.£28 for 1x1hr session
£103 for block of 4x1hr
£293 for a block of 12x1hr


Hi 2 people £24 (£12 each) 1x30min session
£82 (£41 each) 4 x 30min sessions,
£228 (£114 each) for 12x30min sessions

Hi 2 people.£36 (£18 each) for 1x1hr session
£132 (£66 each) for block of 4x1hr
£380 (£190 each) for block of 12x1hr


Ladies only 8 week strength training course.


The aim of the programme is to give you a more toned and lean figure whilst increasing your strength and endurance levels.We will focus on resistance exercises such as


* squats

* deadlift

* bench press

* pull ups

* hip thrust variations


Each session will also involve plenty of cardio and core work for extra fat burn!!


I want to ensure top quality and technique at each session, therefore there will strictly only be a maximum of 8 ladies in each class.You also have free ‘optional’ weigh ins and fat loss meal plans to help motivate and get you the results you want


The sessions are on a Monday morning 1015am, Monday night 715pm and Thursday night 615pm


To book a place or For more information contact me on Facebook or call me, thanks

This Bootcamp is great for both ante natal and post natal ladies who struggle getting to the gym due to time restrictions and lack of childcare as you bring your babies/toddlers with you.


When the weather is fine we train outdoor in barrow park and when it's raining we train indoor at my studio above pastures new health store. With both venues we work all aspects of training

(ie: cardiovascular,resistance, and core work to get you fit, healthy and lean).


The price for the 10 week block is £88 for two sessions a week or £50 for one session a week.


I do:

Monday @ 915am

Thursday @ 915am


*With both options you get a healthy eating diet plan if you'd like one.


*The 2 week option will include an optional weigh in


Kids Bootcamp.

This bootcamp is for kids aged 10-16 years old, with the aim of improving fitness and strength levels, body composition and confidence through fun and varied workouts.


The Kids Bootcamp sessions will cover all aspects of fitness training including cardio and core, with the kids using equipment such as kettlebells, punch bags and pads, battle ropes, resistance bands and TRX .


The Kids Bootcamp is a 5/6 week bootcamp on a Monday at 445pm.

All classes are 30mins long


Parents are welcome to train with the kids for an additional £4 per session.


Please note: 10-12 year olds must be accompanied by an adult for the first 3 weeks to make sure they are ok with it





T: 01229 219253

M: 07827 325022







your goals.


Personal Sessions

My personal training sessions are designed around your specific needs and goals. Every person is different so I take the time to find out what you want and figure out the best way to achieve it. We will train at my private gym based above pastures new health health store and can also provide meal plans and nutritional advice if required.

Group Sessions

My group training sessions can be tailored to the needs of each group, be it a sports team or just group of friends. You get the same quality sessions, always fun and varied, in a group environment, at a fraction of the cost to each participant.

This 10 week programme is for men only and is on a Monday at 515pm. This is based at my gym above pastures new health store, Scott street barrow


The aim of the programme is to help build up your strength levels, increase muscle mass, drop body fat and get you physically fit with lots of different training styles and techniques. We will focus on compound lift such as


* squats

* Bench press

* Barbell press

* pull ups

* Rows


But will also do plenty of other isolation lifts for the guns, deltoids and triceps etc


Each session will also involve plenty of cardio and core work for extra fat burn!!


I want to ensure top quality and technique at each session, therefore there will strictly only be a maximum of 8 men in each class.


This 10 week programme is just £95 per person and has the added bonus's of


*optional weekly weigh ins


*optional fat loss low carb meal plan or a calorie counting plan for either fat loss or adding muscle mass, it’s your choice 👍


*Only £3.50p to attend any of my other group classes


Buggy Bootcamp.